Tailored Application Journey 申请量身定制


If you are interested in trying your best to achieve your dream job offer, why not try our tailored one-off service. As a one-off package, we prepare your application journey based upon a full review and assessment of you. The guidance is based upon your CV and application motivation. Then we will provide you with a comprehensive, personalised service to assist you in achieving your dream offer.

This service will help you get either a dream university offer/job offer, based upon Anycareer Professional help, with an ultimate goal of achieving your career goal.



Services and Prices/服务类型与价格

Please consult our most senior mentor or advisor to confirm the tailored service.

About the Service/服务详情


You will be trained by an industry-matched mentor, who knows your technics. 量身匹配的行业导师。

You will have unlimited customer supports. 客服支持。

Service Procedure/服务流程

Please kindly follow below instructions to use the service once you have placed the order with us. 下单后,请根据如下步骤获取您的服务。

  • Provide your position/company/industry/country information. 提供具体岗位信息(国家、公司、行业越具体越好)OR Provide your major/university/country information. 提供学校和专业申请定位。
  • Your CV service. 简历服务。
  • Get a free advising session from our professional mentor. 专业导师免费建议。
  • Get your tailored application plan and package advice. 获取量身定制选项。
  • Raise up your concerns after receiving the tailored package. 提出所有的疑虑。
  • Confirming the service, if you would like to get this help. 确定项目(如果需要帮助)。
  • Start your application journey with us and we will safeguard your way. 开始申请,我们为你保驾护航。

Please provide a contact number/WeChat/WhatsApp/Skype, in case of further information required. 请留下联系方式,以便获取细节信息(电话、微信、WhatsApp、Skype)。

(Note: You may consult advice from us in advance so that an advisor will guide you through the process and match you to the right service! Contact method is shown at the end of this page. ) 提示:您可以选择服务前像我们提出咨询。我们会为您提供最佳选择建议并提供流程帮助。


Phone:  +47 483 98 732
WeChat (Anthony): anycareertony
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