Detailed rewording and reorganising of the original text from the source material, typically a book or an article, yet maintaining the meaning exactly. Typically relevant to bring in arguments from other authors’ reports, theses, articles or books to demonstrate their understanding of the content.


At Anycareer, our clients like us because our paraphrasing service reliably bypasses the plagiarism software used by universities, including “Turnitin”.


Always remember to use suitable referencing to signal that you’ve borrowed an idea from another author. Otherwise, your examiner will conclude that these ideas do not belong to you, and you might be accused of accidental plagiarism. Plagiarism is a serious offence that may result in your expulsion from university.

What if I paraphrase other essays?

When a group of students receives a writing assignment, they often help each other out by sharing examples of their written work for reading purposes. If you’re looking over a classmate’s essay, you might encounter certain ideas, arguments, or passages that you wish to copy, but you might struggle to reword the content yourself. Here, Proofessor can ensure that the wording is different to the original essay, but always remember to ensure you understand the material to avoid the rare occasion where you are asked to explain your essay.

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Sample of Paraphrasing (Rewriting)

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