CV Perfection 简历指导与提升

Service and Price/服务类型与价格

CV Professional Guidance 1-1 Session (40 minutes) 简历一对一指导电话 – 40分种 £49.99/Session

CV Translation/Correction Service 简历翻译/修改服务 £49.99/document

CV Correction Premium Service (CV Correction + one 40-minute Professional 1-1 CV Session) 简历修改服务 (包括一节一对一量身定制简历指导课程 – 40分钟) £99.99/Session


With a concise match to the country/industry/employer/position, after using our CV services, our clients are developed a comprehensive understanding and becoming confident in their CV. They are easier to be noticed by the employers and standing out of the applicants.


About the Service/服务详情


You will be matched with a Professional Mentor relevant to your industry. 量身匹配的专业导师。

Service Procedure/服务流程

Please kindly provide below information to us once you have paid order with us. 下单后请提供如下信息:

  • Provide your desired industry to work in/预备申请工作的行业
  • Provide your desired position/想要申请的岗位
  • Send over your current CV to us. If you don’t have one, don’t worry. You can either book a 15 minutes free session to write it on your own. Alternatively, you can book a 1-1 Session to learn the Skill and write one for Correction and Translation service. Otherwise, please choose CV Drafting Service. 请发送您的简历给我们。没有简历的同学可以预约一个免费15分钟的咨询,自行书写。或者,您可以选择一对一的简历指导课或者其他服务。简历书写服务
  • Choose your CV’s language/选择简历语言(建议根据国家确定)
  • Please provide a contact number/WeChat/WhatsApp/Skype, in case of more information needed/请留下联系方式,以便沟通细节。(电话/微信/WhatsApp/Skype)


One or more job descriptions of the jobs you are going for, if you are preparing the CV for a typical vacancy. 对于想要申请特定公司职位的同学,请提供工作岗位信息。

You may also send us your documents and requirements in advance so that an advisor will guide you through the process and help you select the right service! 您也可以选择支付前发您的文件给我,我们会为您提供专业建议来选择适合您的服务。

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