Experience Enhancement + Skills Boosting Pro Package专业技能与经验提升项目

Work experience is one of the most powerful tools to help one seek out their career passions. Importantly, good work experience cannot only enhance one’s professional practical skills but also normally significantly show one’s competencies in the job application market.

Why you need to enhance your experience and boost relevant skills?

With our years of recruitment experience for Top Companies in various industries, it is very surprising but unfortunately to see many student candidates may lose very good employment opportunities simply because of lacking relevant work experience and skill-sets, although many of them are with really excellent academic background. Therefore, if you have any of the needs or concerns below, you will find great value from this package:

  • You must complete a requested period of internship/placement that is relevant to your major to ensure graduation
  • You want to achieve an offer from a very competing industry or a World leading company
  • You never have any work experience before and you have a demand for further study in a top university
  • You have gained some work experience but with little relevance to your determined full-time job
  • You are lost in your career path
  • You want to settle down abroad or one of the Metropolitan Regions in China or Asia
  • General speaking, your experience and skills are not very competitive in the Employment Market

About the Service:

We design this Programme to help you fill in this gap. There are typically five stages involves in this Pro Package.

Step 1: Professional Career Positioning: you will find out your career intrest to know the skills and experience gaps between yourself and your dream offer.

Step 2: Tailored application help bundle: we will refer you to relevant work opportunities (internship normally from 8 weeks to 6 months), and before that, we will: find out who you are and if you have some matched opportunities available to you, confirm a potential company list with you, and help you prepare your CV and upcoming interviews (include unlimited CV correction helps and five standard interview training class, plus four relevant mock interviews), until you get your internship offer.

Step 3: Before internship training: you will receive three internship prep training. which are working culture treatment, and two basic work-related training sessions (details vary based upon the vacancy).

Step 4: Start your internship with the company and we will track your internship performance and help you learn and improve your professional skills follow an every 4-week tracking session plan. You will also receive onsite training from your employer.

Step 5: After internship – career orientation training: after your internship, you will receive one additional class (up to 90 minutes) to review and learn from your internship with our experienced industrial mentor. To successfully close this package, you will know what skills and interview-related bullet points that you need to bring to your next role or your future job applications. Furthermore, your CV will be updated by our professional CV Experts.

Payment Plan:

You will make your full payment to join this Package with guaranteed 50% refund policy*.

The 50% guaranteed refund policy means: within the promised period shown on the contract (minimum three months) if you do not receive an internship, you can receive a 50% refund from us (which are defined as the pre-internship training that after you confirm an offer with us, on-track internship training that happens during the internship period, and after internship training in this package). The initial 50% of the full payment include relevant admin fees and application supports training.

Guiding Price

Case varies, please consult with us.

Please follow further details written on your signed contract with Anycareer Ltd.

Please provide a contact number/WeChat/WhatsApp/Skype, in case of further information required. 请留下联系方式,以便获取细节信息(电话、微信、WhatsApp、Skype)。

(Note: You may consult advice from us in advance so that an advisor will guide you through the process and match you to the right service! The contact method is shown at the end of this page. ) 提示:您可以选择服务前像我们提出咨询。我们会为您提供最佳选择建议并提供流程帮助。


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