Career Support

  • 3 Steps

    Heavy Editing

    £ 25.99 PER THOUSAND WORDS Heavy editing goes beyond proofreading. It gives you much more. Our editors will strengthen your weak sentences and turn them…
  • 3 Steps

    Paraphrasing (Rewriting)

    £39.9 PER THOUSAND WORDS Detailed rewording and reorganising of the original text from the source material, typically a book or an article, yet maintaining the…
  • 1 Step


    £12.99 PER THOUSAND WORDS Proofreading service gives you more than just a basic check of spelling, grammar and punctuation. Anycareer mentors are particularly experienced in…
  • 3 Steps

    Reference Formatting

    £30 FOR THE 1ST 1-30 REFERENCES£0.50 PER ADDITIONAL REFERENCE Once your essay is written and ready to submit, let us help you with the final…
  • 3 Steps

    Text Expansion

    £49.99 PER THOUSAND WORDS Expansion takes a further step to rewriting. You may have an idea but struggle to turn it into a paragraph or…

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