Employer Matching

Add data on your background, education, work experience and skills to increase your chances of being headhunted by our machine learning system. 

Do you wish to increase your chances of being matched with top employers?

All users are constantly matched with potential opportunities, but if you share more information about yourself you can drastically increase those chances.

Current level & future level.

We have the excact same goal as you – for you to reach great opportunities. Therefore we will assess your current level against the standard in the industry you wish to work in. We will also help you improve upon that level, and guide you towards even greater opportunities if possible.

Completely confidential and secured data.

We collect a lot of data on you to be able to match you with employers. However, this data is completely confidential and encrypted, no third parties can identify you with this data until an official introduction is made with an employer.

Headhunting and career events.

Some users are directly matched with employers on the platform and enter the next stages of the recruitment process automatically. Sometimes you will be matched at earlier stages and receive an invite to a career fair. That means an opportunity for you to interview with relevant employers and secure a job offer on the spot.

You will be guided through this entire process, so do not worry if you currently have a lot of questions!

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