Problem Prone and GitHub

About Mistake prone

This can be a free Java based stationary analysis software that assaults the most common development errors at compile time. The most outstanding feature is normally its capacity to suggest treatments for these insects using an AST centric approach. Inspite of being a relatively newcomer to the scene, Problem prone includes already been used to improve the quality of some of the most intricate and well-known Java projects.

About GitHub

In addition to staying the planet’s largest repository of free ware trojan, GitHub is also home for some very interesting products including Problem prone. A slew of specialized annoy checking tools have been built moreover foundational technology.

There is a heap of information regarding these tools, employing the nature of brevity I’ve chose to focus on just a few of them here.

Using a GitHub server as your development environment may be intimidating, but the benefits are well worth your time and effort. For example , you might have an entire group working together on your own project without lagtime among updates to the source code, which is a significant improvement over mature approaches where everyone was required to wait for their particular turn.

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