Motherhood Reimagined®: creator Sarah Kowalski On How deciding to Become just one mother Doesn’t Mean the termination of relationship

The Quick type: Sarah Kowalski was a student in the woman early 40s whenever she discovered herself without someone and yearning to experience the pleasure of increasing a kid. Determined to manufacture the girl dream an actuality, she embarked on a mission to become just one mother through sperm contribution. After the delivery of the woman child, Sarah realized she may help feamales in comparable conditions navigate paths to getting parents, very she began Motherhood Reimagined. Her goal was to guide aspiring solitary moms from the steps essential to have a young child facing virility issues, or decreased somebody, and supply emotional assistance as you go along. As an online society, help party, and training solution rolled into one, celebrates all pathways to motherhood while assisting females arrived at the recognition that becoming a parent doesn’t mean the termination of their particular online dating everyday lives.


Motherhood Reimagined creator Sarah Kowalski had accomplished everything of the publication. She had been an effective corporate litigator by get older 30 and constantly understood she desired to have young ones of her own, but life seemed to get in the way of these dream.

“Somewhere between my personal rocket-speed career and jet-setting solitary life, I would entirely lost my personal resolve to have kiddies,” she blogged inside her memoir.

Shortly into the woman job, Sarah was clinically determined to have a repeated strain injury (referred to as work-related top limb ailment) and persistent weakness. She kept the woman law career and sought-after option treatments, including Feldenkrais and Qigong, which have been both dedicated to mindful movement. Whenever she hit the woman later part of the 30s, she was being employed as a somatic existence advisor helping people in exec management change their unique career paths.

Across the exact same time, Sarah’s Qigong coach presented an important concern.

“perhaps you have seriously considered if or not you prefer kids?” the guy questioned Sarah.

Through self-exploration and a recognition that the woman get older had been making the question of kids a priority, Sarah realized the solution ended up being certainly. One problem, approximately she thought, ended up being that she ended up being unmarried.

“When my personal instructor requested myself that concern, it quit myself inside my paths,” she mentioned. “My personal teacher aided myself understand several things I experiencedn’t considered. I possibly could become pregnant with somebody and then he could keep the following day or get hit by a bus; there is absolutely no assurance around any type of course. It actually was a significant paradigm move for my situation.”

Without appearing right back, Sarah decided to go with motherhood and then features a beautiful, enjoying three-and-a-half-year-old child. Along the woman personal journey to presenting an infant on her very own, she had written the woman memoir and started Motherhood Reimagined, an online neighborhood, service class, and coaching service remembering all paths to motherhood.

An individual mama by choice, fertility doula, existence mentor, and author, Sarah is becoming a determination — specially when considering matchmaking — for hundreds of women all over the globe navigating their personal routes to motherhood.

“As a single mommy, i’ve considerable time limitations and I also wish to protect my son or daughter.  So when I think about dating, i’m like my filter for determining that is good for me personally is developed and laser sharp,” she said. “I think it will make dating streamlined. I’m not keen on the theif like I used to be. I’m therefore obvious about finding an effective man.”

Determine the correct path to Motherhood Through Self-Exploration

Deciding whether to have a child the most challenging choices any individual could make within their life time. And deliberately deciding to become one mom can provide much more barriers and challenges. Without someone to jump a few ideas down, the way to unmarried motherhood can seem like a lonely one.

On her site, Sarah says to audience to check inward and inquire themselves what is actually at stake in solitary motherhood. She knows many women have actually dreamed from a young age of being a mother, While she really wants to make sure readers consider the monetary, emotional, and logistical effects to become just one mommy, she does not want those problems to fully overshadow their particular considerations.

“i do believe there’s a lot of confusion and gay chat avenueter that develops if you are attempting to make this choice,” she said. “I think —on some degree — having a baby just isn’t a rational option. If you think regarding it with your logical head, it is rather an easy task to say, ‘No, I do not want to do it.'”

She stated she assists females discern the understanding from chatter to enable them to make use of their private knowledge.

With so many facets of motherhood to ponder, Sarah works both one-on-one in accordance with categories of prospective mothers to assist them on their paths to self-discovery. It is a trip she got by herself and requires discovering concerns, limiting viewpoints, and presumptions, while considering outside of the field for approaches to generate single motherhood feel obtainable.

“once I understood that i desired for an infant no real matter what, we realized I had a selection which will make — either frantically day and attempt to discover you to definitely have a child with or do it by myself,” she stated. “I attempted a last-ditch energy at internet dating but knew there had been an excessive amount of frustration within my look. Thus I made a decision to place finding somebody about back-burner and go after motherhood on my own.”

Methods on Topics From household strengthening to Single mother Dating

Once a lady has elected solitary motherhood, you can find countless choices she’ll need to make and subject areas she’s going to should research. Motherhood Reimagined has been doing a good deal of the work for aspiring moms by producing a huge cache of online language resources and a preview of Sarah’s guide, “Motherhood Reimagined: whenever Becoming A Mother Doesn’t Go As Planned.”

“I began composing a book partially because I became handling countless home elevators my own,” she said, “in addition to because I felt like I had a note I wanted to inform others through my own story.”

Motherhood Reimagined in addition offers an invaluable rundown of online language resources, including websites and social platforms instance (Empowering Solo Mothers Every-where),, and, in which Sarah writes content. On these platforms, she is covered subject areas eg “8 explanations becoming a Single mother Actually allows you to Better at Dating” and “5 concerns just before give up Marriage and now have a child by yourself.”

Sarah additionally details different methods, including the kids book “that is selecting Me upwards?” that will help children recognize that people are available in lots of forms, dimensions, and colours.

“I’ve found my calling,” she stated. “It feels great to assist women feel motivated and determine that there surely is no-one way to become a mother. We can shift the idea of just what family members is and determine what is perfect for all of us while assisting women utilizing the dream of motherhood. It is powerful.”

Offering One-on-One Coaching & assistance Every Step associated with Way

There are many different ways a female could possibly get pregnant whenever she decides unmarried motherhood, such as semen donation, egg donation, surrogacy, adoption, co-parenting, and donor-conceived young ones. Sarah’s signature classes are a three-month web program and training system for ladies who’re trying to choose if or not to attempt unmarried motherhood, and a support team for women who’re considering option routes to motherhood such as egg donation or use.

“I’d countless fertility problems,” she said. “a lot of women put down on a road to become mothers then recognize it might not just take shape how they expected. Everyone loves helping women come to terms with their own unique path. It really is a huge passion of my own.”

Sara’s coaching programs were made to assist women through every period of motherhood. Additional solutions Sarah provides via Motherhood Reimagined include a solitary mommy Pregnancy help cluster and Childbirth knowledge Classes for unmarried mothers also family building and virility doula coaching and assistance in several subject areas addressing sets from emotional considerations to sperm donation plus in vitro fertilization.

“When I chose that i desired to own an infant by myself, it just kind of clicked into spot that was the task I wanted to complete,” she said. “used to do such introspection while making my choice that I thought called to simply help some other females about course and applied what I was in fact undertaking in management coaching and job coaching.”

Sarah Inspires Women to get it done All

Sarah discovered much from her trip to becoming one mother, and her you-can-have-it-all philosophy has aided several thousand women recognize their unique motherhood goals. For Sarah, Motherhood Reimagined is about giving support and consulting services that enjoy all routes to motherhood.

“the ladies I know who happen to be unmarried moms are incredible powerhouses; they take action, and they wait together. They actually do every thing, and so they get it done gracefully,” she mentioned. “i recently love watching that.”

With a fruitful company with a brilliant future, Sarah features begun to open the doorway to a new phase of the woman life — internet dating as a single mommy.

“I’m truly excited with having a young child on my own, and that I’m starting to consider matchmaking since he is a bit earlier,” she mentioned. “I haven’t had most more time and money becoming matchmaking, but i am getting into that realm again. As I first seriously considered becoming a single mom via sperm donor, I assumed I had to choose between having a baby and finding a partner, following â€” all of a sudden â€” I realized it wasn’t an either-or. I was only prioritizing an infant prior to the lover since I had been running out of time.”

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