How It Works.

Anycareer is a data-powered career platform, meaning the more information you share, the better and more personalised the services will be. We use your data to optimise your courses, guides, mentor matching and even recruitment to opportunities.

Learn from the world's top organisations.

Learn from the best, then work with the best.

By sharing your information, such as you current knowledge, experiences and skills, Anycareer can tailor courses, guides and even recruitment according to your goals. Basically, you are being matched with universities & employers while you learn!

Do you have a dream university, or a favourite employer?

If you do, we will help you get there. If not, we will help you find it. 

Education & recruitment, automated.

Spend your time learning what you specifically need to reach your goals. Don’t spend time applying for universities or employers – AI takes care of that in the background. 

Whats the next step in your career path?

Get into a university

Get help getting into any university, based on your goals for your future career, interests and budget. 

Learn from courses

Don’t spend time on generic content, rather learn what you specifically need to reach your goals. Our courses are tailored to you. 

Find out what to do with guides

Unsure of what university to pick, or what employer to aim for? Our guides will help you select based on your data. 

Get an experienced mentor or tutor

Be connected to experts in your field, who can provide you with insights it would otherwise take you years to learn yourself.

Join local and global communities

Be connected with thousands of fellow students, graduates, recruiters, employers and experts. And ask them anything. 

Join live or virtual career fairs

Network with the employers you hope to one day work for, and perhaps get a job offer on the spot in one of our talent fairs. 

Life-changing experience.

“The Anycareer experts helped me gain deep insights into my industry, which made me more confident and ready for the application process. I ended up with job offers from several of my favourite companies!”

Lance Zhang

Lance Zhang

Analyst at the Bank of China

Incredible value!

“Anycareer completely changed my perception of career development and I managed to secure a job with my dream employer. I can 100% recommend their mentors & courses.”

David Ma

David Ma

Marketing Intern at Amazon

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