Gain access to top talent.


Our databases are filled with some of the most talented overseas students and other talent resources. If your company is interested in direct recruitment, headhunting or events services, then get in touch in the chat below. We can also arrange overseas talent fairs, conferences and meetings with local companies, universities and talent groups.


Overseas talent recruitment

We specialise in the Chinese market and have thousands of talented Chinese overseas students in our databases. With our ambassador programmes, collaborations with universities, student unions, societies and more, we can reach the very best talent in a short amount of time. We work closely with talent at universities such as Cambridge, Oxford, UCL, KCL, ETH Zurich, PSL Paris and LSE, in addition to hundreds of others around Europe. Soon we will also expand our reach into the American, Canadian and Australian markets.


Overseas talent fairs and conferences

We have arranged several successful conferences for some of the worlds largest companies and influential government organisations in China. This includes the Beijing, Shenzhen, Chengdu, Fuijan, Jiangsu and Guangdong governments, and companies such as Ping An, BYD, Zhaopin and many more. Our team of event organisers and promoters make sure you get the exact target market attending the events, and we will bring along hundreds of talented students with relevant degrees to talent fairs.


Other consulting services in Foreign markets

Our networks go further than universities. We work closely with companies, governments, and competent consultants all over the world, we can connect you with the right expertise to take your business further. We have arranged successful ambassador programmes, helped with international expansions and provided the right expertise to both start-ups and multinational corporations like Alibaba.