Who are we?


A team of ambitious former international students from all over the world, who has teamed up with some of the best experts, huge companies, software engineers and HR professionals to maximise the potentials of thousands. With our offices in the UK, Norway and China, including ambassadors and experts in 40+ more countries we constantly striving to improve our services and making them as available and efficient as possible. These are some of our core team members:  


Oliver Horvei, Managing Director

Oliver was born in Norway and graduated from a UK university as an international student. He is extremely ambitious, hard-working and creative with a huge passion for innovation, technology and business. He already has several years of management, finance, marketing and CS experience from Lloyds Banking Group and other Norwegian companies.


Simon Skuggevik, HR & FINANCE DIRECTOR

Simon is a former finance student with a huge interest in technology, web development, innovation and people. He was born in Norway but graduated from the University of Lincoln in the UK as an international student. He has significant finance, HR and management experience from a big Norwegian bank and the Norwegian military.


Sunny Cui, BD Director

Sunny was born in Jilin, China, and has a master’s degree in strategic communication from the University of Liverpool, in addition to more than 7 years of management experience at top tech companies such as Alibaba, Soufun, and Passfeed. She was the head of the Passfeed UK division and led their integration into the UK market, and is especially strong in marketing and sales.


AnThOny Guo, Director of Operations

Tony has a master's degree in events management and is an expert in recruitment, marketing and sales. He graduated from Goldsmiths University in London and has several years of experience working with big, multinational companies such as Lukfook, CSSA and he ran his own tourism company in London while studying there.


Paul Parkinson, Head of Mentors & Experts

With more than 30 years of experience in business consulting, coaching, entrepreneurship and recruitment, Paul has been working all over the world with companies such as IBM, RAF, Honda, and Huawei. Paul has founded and invested in several companies over the years and knows exactly what it takes to succeed in the job markets, as he has personally hired thousands of people and led them to success.


Dr Richard Fang, Head of Technology Development

Dr Fang is a PhD graduate from Harvard, with an extensive background in science and technology companies. He served as the Chief Science Officer for Huawei, and Head Scientist for the Chinese Institute of Science. He is one of China’s leading experts on AI technology and quantum computing, and is now focused on how we can revolutionise both talent training and recruitment through ground-breaking technology.


Spencer Bragg, Educational Director

Spencer has more than 25 years of experience as a teacher and headteacher in the UK. For the last few years he has excelled in recruitment as well as arranging exchange programmes overseas and taken part in several international projects. He is excellent at bringing together the right teams to maintain excellence, mainly due to his passion for education and his high expectations.


Ran Xu, DIRECTOR OF Public Relations

Ran has an extensive background in science, real estate development and the internet & media industries. Amongst other feats, she served as the Senior Vice President of SouFun.com from 2005, and was crucial in the work towards their New York Stock Exchange listing in 2008. She has since been leading teams in Ping An, China Shunchang, Shanghai Huayan Real Estate Agency and Guangzhou Koala Network.


We also have partnerships in large companies and organisations, in several different industries and countries. They help guiding us, gives us the most up to date information and shape our content that we produce to you to be exactly of the requirements they look for in a potential employee.

Connections All Over The World

Are you interested in taking part in a growing, talented team? Then shoot us an email with your CV and we will contact you. 



We have already been so lucky as to have worked with some very talented individuals, helping their shape their dreams and make them come true. Some of them have already come far, and what they all have in common is that they are grateful they made this investment in their future.

success stories


Lance was studying for three years at the London School of Economics in London, and is now in a Management Trainee program in Beijing The Bank of China. He has high ambitions and is already set for a wonderful career within the banking sector. He strongly recommends using career services in the UK before you return to you home country, as the western standard are more valuable in China than ever before. 

"I can highly recommend the services of Anycareer. They understand the modern job market, and with their wide expertise and partnerships, their courses might be one of the best investments you can make as a student."
- Lance Zhang, Management Trainee at the Bank of China