Who are we?


We are a team of employability experts, researchers and business professionals with many years of experience in top companies in the UK, US, Europe, Hong Kong, and China. Our team members have extensive experience in recruitment, human resources, marketing, IT and management in large companies. With our wide areas of experience, our wide database of amazing talent all over the world, and our connections with some of the most influential companies in the world we have created the world strongest international talent recruitment platform.


Here are the people who started this initiative.

Paul Parkinson

Paul Parkinson

Over 25 years of experience in business consulting, coaching, entrepreneurship and recruitment, Paul has been working all over the world with companies such as IBM, RAF, Honda, and Huawei. Over the last few years he has been specialising in UK and China relations. He is an excellent teacher and an experienced advisor and mentor. His passion for entrepreneurship, business and individual development makes him a perfect mentor, eager to see young talents succeed!

Oliver Horvei & Simon Skuggevik

Oliver Horvei & Simon Skuggevik

Simon and Oliver are both former top international students from Norway. They came to the UK for new challenges and to increase their employability, but felt they did not find the knowledge they needed in order to really stand out from the crowd and get the best jobs. Therefore they decided to do the research themselves, team up with the best of the best and create this platform for talent recruitment. Now they are connecting amazing talent with amazing companies all over the world.

Tony Guo & Sunny Cui

TOny Guo & Sunny Cui

Tony has a master in Events Management and is an expert in recruitment, promotion and marketing with experience from big companies in China, the US and the UK. He is the Events & Recruitment Director, in charge of the events and the talent recruitment all over Europe. Sunny has a Master Degree in Strategic Communication and with 7 years of experience working for top tech companies in Hong Kong, China and the UK. She is an expert in marketing and online communication, and is now the BD Director.

Zhaopin.com & Anycareer

We also have partnerships in large companies and organisations, in several different industries and countries. They help guiding us, gives us the most up to date information and shape our content that we produce to you to be exactly of the requirements they look for in a potential employee.

Connections All Over The World

Are you interested in taking part in a growing, talented team? Then shoot us an email with your CV and we will contact you. 

What you get


Imagine how much money you spend every single month on clothing, coffee, entertainment, maybe you even go to the gym. All small investments to improve upon your quality of life, happiness and yourself as a person. Which is completely fair, we all do it! But how about your career?

Anycareer Successful Careers

Coffee, gym, entertainment adds up 

Did you know if you buy just a cup of coffee every day of the two university semesters, it will add up to be more than £500 a year? A gym membership is typically around £150 a year, while an average student spends almost £800 a year on social activities!

Anycareer Courses

However having fun is important

And we are not saying you should not spend on all these things. We do it ourselves! However, it puts things into perspective, and investing in your career now will save you so much money in the long run. Starting to think about these things now will put you ahead of pretty much everyone else. 

Successful Careers

Our PRICE Breakdown

Our most expensive package, with all of our premium services, adds up to £999. That is only £2.7 a day. Would you not spend £2.7 a day, less than a meal deal, to ensure an amazing career? We know we would! Make perhaps the greatest investment of your life, and set out for an incredible career with the lifestyle of your choosing.



We have already been so lucky as to have worked with some very talented individuals, helping their shape their dreams and make them come true. Some of them have already come far, and what they all have in common is that they are grateful they made this investment in their future.

success stories


Lance was studying for three years at the London School of Economics in London, and is now in a Management Trainee program in Beijing The Bank of China. He has high ambitions and is already set for a wonderful career within the banking sector. He strongly recommends using career services in the UK before you return to you home country, as the western standard are more valuable in China than ever before. 

"I can highly recommend the services of Anycareer. They understand the modern job market, and with their wide expertise and partnerships, their courses might be one of the best investments you can make as a student."
- Lance Zhang, Management Trainee at the Bank of China