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Anycareer is a Global talent Network

We match ambitious individuals with experts, mentors, tutors and recruiters supplied with the latest research and great technology. Whether it is getting into a top university, securing a great job or reaching any other goals, the Anycareer platform will help you get there. More advanced platform coming soon.


Conferences & Talent Fairs

Network and interact with the most talented individuals and the most influential companies in the world.

Career Development

We will provide you with the right expertise for university admissions, career development, or oversea business connections.

Talent Recruitment

We recruit to the worlds best companies and help our clients stand out from the herd to compete for the best positions.



We will soon introduce a platform that make all the Anycareer resources easily available. A partner that will be with you throughout your career, assisting you if you wish to get into foreign universities, providing a community for you there when you get in, and then finally helping you land your dream job once you finish. By using our vast networks of top universities and great employers, and a combination of human expertise and AI technology, we can suggest the best strategies for you to reach your goals and your maximum potential.  



We wish to bridge the gap between markets that are normally not so connected, and help talents on their way to successful careers. We are a diverse team of young, new-thinkers, and experienced professionals. We all share a passion for talent & opportunity, and like to connect as many great people as possible to help change the world. Altogether, we can reach more than 200 million talents and almost 5 million employers in China and in the West. By working closely with talented individuals, industry experts, influential companies, top universities and other organisations and societies, we can reach further and connect people more efficiently than anyone else.


“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”  

–Eleanor Roosevelt
Successful Students


"I can highly recommend the Anycareer team and the services they provide. They matched me with experienced mentors within my area which made a huge difference in my career development, and eventually landed me a job with my dream employer. They made my overseas degree worth the investment.”

- Lance Zhang, Management Trainee at the Bank of China


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